At Indrani Lodge we have 12 en-suite rooms in 5 different categories ranging from small to XXL. Each room is decorated individually and prices vary between 199€ and 500€ a night. Our hotel is open from Monday to Saturday.

The Rooms

Your Stay

Eat & Sleep

Our Eat & Sleep package allows you to enjoy a 4-course surprise gourmet meal prepared by our chef Sebath Capela, retire to your room and feast on a delicious breakfast the next morning. You are guaranteed a table in the restaurant when you book our Eat & Sleep package and also have access to our 4-hectare garden and heated indoor pool.


Wednesday to Saturday evening

How much?

The price varies between X € and X € depending on the rooms (accommodation, 2 meals and 2 breakfasts included).



Our replenishing Eat and Chill package allows you to take some time for yourself in the middle of the week. Remember that self-care cannot be outsourced! The formula includes an overnight stay in the Birch, Wood or White Room, a spot in our scheduled yoga class the following morning,  followed by a 3-course lunch in our restaurant. Obviously you will also have access to the 4-hectare garden and our heated indoor pool. 


Tuesday night to Wednesday and Thursday night to Friday 

How much?

260€ for two people

Outside school holidays only.


Pool & Garden

We use a large part of our almost 4-hectare garden to cultivate the ingredients for our restaurant kitchen. In collaboration with the chef,  our Indrani Earth team has carefully selected a variety of unusual herbs, fruits and vegetables to complement those more widely available from local farmers and producers. Our new greenhouse has pride of place amongst the apple and pear trees and everything grown in the garden (using permaculture techniques) is used in our kitchen on a daily basis. Whether going straight onto the plate after being picked, or infused, or dried, or bottled or turned into an oil or a syrup, nothing goes to waste. Garden tours are available on request! We have also created a walking path that winds around the property and allows our guests to discover our garden, meet our alpacas and enjoy a relaxing stroll along the Dyle.

Our pool can be found in an old barn that borders the Indrani Lodge courtyard. We heat our pool to 29 degrees in the most ecological way possible, using solar panels and a geothermal heating system. So zero carbon! The pool is only accessible to hotel residents.